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Hi Everyone,

September has been a rollercoaster ride of a month so far! I've been working on a painting for Refugium, which is an artists and poets collaboration that opens at the Maritime Museum here in Victoria BC on October 5th. Here is a peek at my work in process, titled "Aristotle's Lantern", it is a response to the poem of the same name by Lee Beavington. The opening is also a book launch for the book Refugium: Poems for the Pacific. Each work in the show was made in response to one of the poems in the book.

In other news I've just taken a position teaching Media Arts at a High School in Victoria, BC, so it will be a very busy fall for me! I'm very excited to be working with some great young folks to expand their artistic horizons!


I hope all of you are having a great beginning to your Autumn season, finding your creative centre and doing what makes you happiest! 


It's been a long time since I've had some time to dedicate to my webpage.

Detail of work in progress for Refugium, ©2017 Amber MacGregor

I have had a great summer of visiting and spending time with my family and am now working on a painting for an artists and poets group show titled Refugium, that will be opening at the Maritime Museum in October 2017.


I will be back as a Teacher On Call in the Greater Victoria School District 61 in September!


All the best everyone!


Wow! What a long strange trip it's been! I am finally back! With some time to dedicate to my art practice before I forge ahead into the world of teaching.


I have just finished my 16 month course in Secondary Art Education. It was thrilling, terrifying, exhausting and rewarding!


I had amazing mentor teachers and supervisors and incredible students to work with, each and every one of which has assisted me in innumerable ways and I am full of gratitude for all of them and their lessons, and questions and thoughtfulness.


I hope everyone is making and being and dreaming!


I look forward to reconnecting with the arts community and being present in my studio!






Hi All


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Hi All, 

Society 6 just selected my print Moonkhin 6 (Iridum Ash) to be part of their shop. Nice little perk to my day! Thanks folks at Society 6!

You can check out the print here:

I hope you're all having a great Summer! :)

Is this the future of my website?

I just found out that has been posting my images for sale on their poster sale website.

Please do not purchase items from they are illegally obtaining images and selling them without the consent of the artists.

I have not consented to the sale of my work on their website and I will not obtain any funds from sale of my images from their site please boycott them at all costs.

Apparently what I can do is post every single photo I have on my website and Fb with a watermark. looks nice huh?! Not! But perhaps it would curb this sort of thing?

To all those experiencing the same thing please know that I share your pain and know how hard it is to make any sort of a profit from producing art work. This heinous display of disrespect for artists is very very discouraging.

I wish you all all the best in your artistic endeavours and hope that you continue to grow and flourish in your artistic pursuits!


(I did find out after I posted this that the site is actually a phishing site that is basically used to hook people into their complaint forum where they collect private information. They do not actually sell the items listed. Do Not Deal With Them in any way, they are thieves and bandits!)

Thanks very much to Dallas Jeffs of Artist Run Website for featuring my art and website on their blog. I have dealt with a few website building programs in my time and operate a website for my husband on Wordpress and I have to say the ease and practicality of using Artist Run Website make it my absolute favourite so far! Give it a try if you are looking for a website builder.

You can check out my feature on the Artist Run Website blog here:



Your Website has been Featured!  



Thanks for all the support of my work! If you have a website you would like me to link to on my website send it on over to me and I will link it! Perhaps you would also consider linking to my website on yours? Thanks!


Mermaids (detail) unfinished ©2015 Amber MacGregor

Sometimes a painting just takes far longer than I am expecting. This one is proving far more challenging than I was prepared for. That is not necessarily a bad thing but it's always interesting to come up against walls when you are in creative mode, then you figure out how to climb over them or get around them. I have become a lazy painter, it's true, I used to be a determined one and now I'm more of a lazy one for sure. If something isn't working I look for something else to do, another painting, another problem unrelated to painting to occupy me. It isn't like I have a lot of free time to just hang out not painting when I have time in the studio. I just procrastinate when the going gets tough. Sometimes I have to force myself to just get back to it which has been the case lately with the mermaids. It reminds me of so many crappy paintings I did in art school. Why did I choose that odd greenish blue colour to predominate? So many questions but in the end it's either get it done or scrap it, pretty much. I am attempting to actually finish it to a state that I appreciate and want to look at. 


My daughter has been sick the last couple of days so I haven't had time to get to the studio, which is hard especially when I am trying to complete work for a show. But you just have to do what's doing and that for me right now is looking after my little mite. So back to some watercolours at home and trying to get on with things.


I hope you are all having a productive Spring!

All the best to eveyone! 

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