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Salt-Dried Sailor Invert (detail) ©2020 Amber MacGregor

It's not over until it's over.

Will it ever be over?


Is anyone else feeling the relentlessness of COVID-19? As things worsen exponentially in the USA and South America and things continue to open up despite that, I'm feeling more and more confusion over how we continue to live our lives. 


I believe we are meant to be learning a lesson here. We are just not getting it and until we get it things will continue to escalate. 


I have had to stop and take stock of everything that I am doing in my life. It's time to make some major changes. I am beginning with how I understand myself and my art and teaching practices. I want to make use of my experience in art and education to help make the lives of my students and all those around me, richer and more meaningful. Also I want to help everyone to understand that creativity is our pathway out of all of this mess. We need to come up with creative solutions. Creativity isn't just the domain of artists, it's the soil of revolution for anyone willing to answer the call. Art isn't just decoration or icing on the cake of life, it's where we find the meaning, and intention, and magic of our souls. 


Don't ever let anyone tell you that your dreams are not worth pursuing. We need all the dreamers and their dreams more than ever now.  Whatever your "art" is pursue it!


Art is revolution!

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