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I've been thinking a lot about what I want to be when I grow up. Problem is I've been "grown up" for a long time now. I'm one of those people who just seems to continually come up against a wall. You know the type, some of us seem too sensitive, too opinionated or too entitled for our own good. It's so easy to label isn't it? We label even ourselves. By my own standards I was "too shy" and then "recalcitrant" and them just plain "irritable". I never stopped to consider that perhaps I just wasn't giving myself a break. We just "are" and that's all.


I don't think it matters so much anymore whether or not I burn some bridges. Some bridges are never meant to be crossed back over again. And that spitting, crazed fire might ignite some new inspiration that will set me off in a whole new and uncharted direction, unlabeled and unmapped.

So for all those bridges I will never recross, I toss you up to the flames of redirection. I hope you burn fiercely with multicoloured flames and light my way with profound intensity.


For all of you, I hope you shine your light out there into the universe in whatever way you will allow and let it guide you to new and astonishing sights.

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