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The first chill days of Autumn are upon us. I say Autumn because my daugher told me that Autumn comes first. Fall is when the leaves really start turning and falling off the trees, when there are only a few left clinging on the branches looking moldy and discontented.


It got me wondering if other people imagine other seasons that are inbetween the ones we are taught exist. I asked my daugher "If there were other seasons, what would they be called?" She shrugged her shoulders. Certainly as artists we often notice the slight changes in the weather from day to day and week to week, don't we? Or are we too caught up in what we are doing to notice?

I for one have decided to notice. A season can last a moment or a week or a month or more. It can be what you decide. A season of fragrant rain. A season of strong willed winds. A season of abundant blossoms or torrential crying or misty sleeps...

May you all be blessed with seasons, to learn from and ponder upon. To fill your dreams with awe.

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