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Remembering how I used to paint has been a challenge. I find that because I have been away from it for such a long time with only limited returns, there is a lot of things I can no longer recall. Muscle memory plays a big part in finding my way back to painting. I find myself simply painting in a certain way, without thinking too much. However, when I want to recreate a style or a colour or remember a certain avenue I know I've taken before, I have to rely on new methods or old rememberances of places I've found information or links to that information. That often means digging up old books, or articles or songs.

It can be both fascinating and frustrating doing this kind of research. If I was a more patient person I'm sure things would be different. I would probably, as I used to, verge off track from time to time and explore other avenues. Now I want to race to find that method so I can employ it right now.


The painting above I did in 2001 from a tiny photo booth photograph that I purchased in the Princess St. Goodwill in Winnipeg. I know I had been studying Velasquez, well studying his technique as well as one can from a book so far from the origins of such things. So I was painting in a very different way than he ever wouldl have done but trying to find some of his immediacy. It is a very different painting for it I think. That's what I'm looking for right now. Will I find it again?


I'm hoping for the best. Here I go back to Velasquez for a refresher course in immediacy. Wish me luck.

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