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I've been struggling with what to say here. I keep starting and then rethinking and changing what I've written. Who knew that Halloween, that fabled time of year when the veil between the worlds becomes nebulous, was such a huge issue for me? It's a shame that it's been turned into such a consumerist madhouse, but then hasn't every little thing? I think the thing I don't appreciate about what Halloween has become is the infusion of horror. Why do we need to be bombarded with horror at Halloween? I think it's kind of sick that we take our children out at night to brave unknown manufactured horrors for candy. What does that teach a child? We are desensitizing our children to horror by following it with positive reinforcement. I know you can tell me I'm "blowing it out of proportion", or that I need to "lighten up", but I really don't think this is a good societal advancement.


Instead, I consider Halloween as a time to reflect on all things otherworldly. Spectres, ghosts, mysterious creatures of all stripes and the outer reaches of the imagination. I think it is a time to think about death, but by remembering those we have known and loved that have died, to imagine them somehow closer to us on that one day of the year.


I don't want to be desensitized to horror, I've been there and it isn't a good place to travel to. I don't want it for my child either or anyone else's for that matter. We have dark places in our psyches , I say let that be enough.


In that vein I wish you well. I hope you verge toward the light, as I hope always to do.

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