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Striving to remain optimistic?


Art is a great source of comfort in uncertain times. The reason for this is because it helps to open our minds to other ways of viewing the World around us. This allows for all sorts of ideas to come into our heads, ideas that may help to make massive positive changes in the World a reality.  


Even if you don't engage in any so called artistic pursuit you can benefit from the creativity within yourself and that of those around you. Make a batch of gingerbread cookies, learn to knit, go to an art gallery, read a book, consider some poetry, go to the theatre, take yoga, listen to music, engage in higher mathematice, take a course in physics, play with your kids, build a play structure, wander in your neighbourhood or go somewhere new...has my stream of consciousness rambling got you thinking towards any creative avenues yet? Just be here now, unplug and be.


Get creative, we can always change the World for the better. 

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