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I Just started up a new craft collective called the Golden Goose Collective. I have always wondered what it would be like to climb that bean stalk just like Jack and find the goose that lays the golden eggs. This collective is my attempt to find out. "Golden" is such a multifaceted word, we use it to connote wealth, and light and extreme talent. So, "golden" in every possible positive meaning of the word. 


I wanted to start something that other people could be a part of. It's all very well to create in a vacuum but it's really nice to have a community of self minded individuals around you too. I found that out in art school and later relived it in part working at Opus Art Supplies and Framing. Having artsy people around is inspiring. 


Basically the craft collective is a sales venue right now so it doesn't mean anyone has to commit to being at meetings or joining something that will take up too much time out of their regular schedule.


So for now there's an Etsy shop for the collective at 

It still only has a few things in it as it is Just Sharilyn from Plain Jane Designs and myself right now, but I am hoping to fill it with things as the days go by. I am also hoping to organize getting items to some craft fairs in the coming year (2014) in Victoria BC.


If you are interested in selling any crafty stuff that you've been making or know someone who might be interested please email me at, I can also be contacted via the contact page on this website or through the Golden Goose Collective Facebook page I will give you the scoop on the collective as it stands so far, Etsy fees (which are small) and how you can get paid when you sell things!


I'm looking forward to a crafty year! Oh and getting back into the studio for some painting time as well.


All the best to everyone!

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