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Hi All, 

I'm wondering how others are gearing up for their creative practise for this new year?


I feel like it's time to really get going on some serious painting. However I also need to go out there and make some money this year. it's been amazing to be free of out of the home work commitments for almost a year, however the money has pretty much run out. So, I have to knuckle down and get some kind of a regular money making job. I have been looking for work the whole time I've been off but work hours don't really work for parents, I'm sure any parent can attest to that. The 9-5 just doesn't work well.


At any rate I will be spending 2014 trying to balance parenting,art making and money making. We shall see what comes of that. 


I am postitive that this will be a year of transformative positive change in the World. I hope I can document and express some of it in my work.


I wish you all a Happy and Healthy 2014. Keep striving for good!

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