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Early in the spring have you ever felt like your brain was trying to process too much information all at the same time? I always consider this to be a spring fever of sorts. Not the sort that makes you want to dash off with anyone you find vaguely attractive but the sort that makes one day soaringly madly, and most wonderfully light headed and the next perplexing.


Lately every day seems to bring a barrage of new information, some of it fantastic and amazing some of it nondescript, some of it devestating, but always too much of it and always nowhere for it to go.


Sometimes working in the studio is like this too. There seems to be no end to the ideas and no way to use them all or connect them in any meaningful way. That's when I try to slow things down and take stock of where I want things to be heading. 


Today I took out some of my old books, a book on Egon Shiele, a book on Arthur Rackham, a book of butterfies from around the world. Having to concentrate, even briefly on something other than the noise going on in my head seems to quiet the barrage into more of an orderly flow.


Then I get down to painting. Working in a series seems to help too. Because when I'm overwhelmed I tend to want to paint everything all at once and that doesn't seem to work very well for actually getting things completed...ever.


So here's to finding some flow that is comfortable, and getting some productive art made, thoughts completed, writing finished, whatever it is you want to be doing.


I wish you all the best with your spring fever, however it presents itself, I hope you find the productive value in all the extra energy it seems to provide and don't get bogged down by any adverse effects. 




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