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Like this swirling group of heads the effect of a virus on the brain can be most dizzifying.


I've been getting back into the studio lately after just such a virus. Who knows where they really come from, generally I would just like them to go away. Thankfully mine is on the outs at present. Hopefully it will stay that way.


Though I have to say, what with fevers and my daughters fever dreams a virus can bring up much fodder for creativity. In a feverish haze my daughter told me staring intently at her hands that we had to get the yellow thread off of her fingers so we could build it a house... She also has fascinating dreams about giant peaches and gremlins. If only we could paint out these dreams, and make those bizarre and fascinating hallucinations into decipherable images. I wonder if you painted them, if they would cease to be frightening, or if it would only make matters worse by reminding you of the terrible fear you felt when you were having the original?


Fever dreams. What do you do with yours?


I hope everyone is getting back to feeling healthy, and finding ways to make sense of things. I'm hoping to be back in the studio a few more days this that my Man is having fever dreams too we'll see what we can mine from this experience and hope nobody kicks anyone in their sleep.


Be well all!

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