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bg_42131401043545.jpgPortrait of Io (with plume) ©2014 Amber MacGregor

It's been a while, since I last put fingers to keyboard and wrote a little bit about what's been going on in my studio and in my world.


There has been so much horror recently in the media, the horror of watching our government sell off our natural resources to the great detriment of all living things while muzzling our scientists. The horror of watching the BC teachers union fight against the villainous attacks of the Liberal Party and their anti-union agenda. The horrors of gun violence in the United States and over seas. The horrors of the military-industrial-complex and it's ongoing agenda to profit, profit, profit from slaughter.

How do we continue to find joy when there is so much horror? I think about what Ghandi had to do to release India from the iron rule of colonialism. How he didn't resort to violence because he knew there was a better way. I think about the world that Martin Luther King Jr. lived in and worked to better and how difficult it must have been for him to find his centre of love amidst all of that hatred and misunderstanding that surrounded him. 

So that's what I've been considering lately. How people find their true soul of love when they feel like they are in the middle of a firestorm of negativity. I am doing my best to let go of doubts and fears even ones that I have held since childhood, even the small and silly ones. I hope that it will change my life and the way I see things for the better and that I won't slip back into old habits.

Artists are creators of difference, we must not allow governments, or fashion, or deep seated fears to separate us from the truth and from each other. We create difference so we can make lives better, not just our own lives but the lives of others. We give the gift of our artistic insight through our work. Make ART to make change.

I wish you all joy in whatever art you make, in whatever voice you sing in, in whatever way you find the love to continue, and make good in the world.

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