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I am in the midst of preparing for the Fernwood Art Stroll, a local artist studio tour here in Victoria BC.

It makes me realize the true extent of my difficulty with organization. Today I will sit down and write out all the things that are still left to do and then decide their order of importance. I have four more days before the Stroll. Better late than never I guess.


I wonder if it has to do with my particular way of thinking that makes it so difficult to focus on the task at hand? I often say I have the attention span of a small woodland creature, but really a squirrel or mouse is very task oriented, they find food, water and shelter, they avoid danger, they care for their young, they get a good sleep. 


So off  I go to make my list and get that last bit of stuff completed. I'm going to make those four more sleeps count too, so don't call me late, I'll be sleeping.


I wish you all well with your organizing duties and hope that your creative lives can thrive in whatever manner you choose to do them.



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