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Moon Portrait 1

12"x12" ©2014 Amber MacGregor


There are changes afoot in my little studio. I have moved my easels and painting table over to the other side of my studio and put a table and sewing machine in pride of place on the window side.


So after some reflection, several months actually I am renovating my Etsy shop, and making it a craft only sale venue. I will be making an entirely new line of items to sell in my shop. No big clues yet on what will actually be for sale there but it will still be Moon influenced.


I have started selling art prints through Society 6, this enables me to take advantage of their onsite printing facility so that I am freed from having to print and mail items myself, which can be a very inefficient process. Their art prints are all printed on archival 100% rag paper with pigment inks which is pretty fantastic.


Well the Fall is almost upon us. I hope that whatever changes are afoot for you in this new season that they are positive in nature and bring you closer to where you want to be in your world!



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