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Is this the future of my website?

I just found out that has been posting my images for sale on their poster sale website.

Please do not purchase items from they are illegally obtaining images and selling them without the consent of the artists.

I have not consented to the sale of my work on their website and I will not obtain any funds from sale of my images from their site please boycott them at all costs.

Apparently what I can do is post every single photo I have on my website and Fb with a watermark. looks nice huh?! Not! But perhaps it would curb this sort of thing?

To all those experiencing the same thing please know that I share your pain and know how hard it is to make any sort of a profit from producing art work. This heinous display of disrespect for artists is very very discouraging.

I wish you all all the best in your artistic endeavours and hope that you continue to grow and flourish in your artistic pursuits!


(I did find out after I posted this that the site is actually a phishing site that is basically used to hook people into their complaint forum where they collect private information. They do not actually sell the items listed. Do Not Deal With Them in any way, they are thieves and bandits!)

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