Amber MacGregor - Artist

Artist Statement

 Princess St. Queen of Hearts. Acrylic on Canvas. 24"x24". ©2015 Amber MacGregor            


My Name is Amber MacGregor, I am an Artist living and working in Victoria BC, Canada.

I am a graduate of the Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver BC, Canada; though I like to say I am self taught as the new mode of teaching art leaves pretty much all of the technical side to the student to figure out, which I did.

I received my BFA in 2001.


I am a busy person. I am a busy person because I fill my life with things to do. This creates chaotic days. I paint to calm the chaos. My paintings are orderly and tidy, yet they contain all of the chaos and magic of my days, my thoughts, my emotions. They are the jigsaw puzzle pieces of my everyday life completed into single tidy images. 

Because life can be hectic, I often seek out the calm places, the places of placid solitude. The Moon or a beautiful careworn face, these to me are calm places, sometimes I fragment them and put them back together to make new wholes. To me this makes sense and it goes on and on with no end in sight only different subjects.


Where art is created there can be a mysterious alchemy that happens, from humble materials we can create and craft the magical, the beautiful and the verbally inexplicable. Through creative means we can explore and create beyond what we know. That to me is the meaning of art.


I work in a few different mediums, I paint, in acrylic on canvas and wood and in gouache on paper. I most often get my images from photographs that I take myself. I use a digital Kaleidoscope program to reinterpret my older paintings into new configurations and I use these digitally altered images to paint from. I also create digitally altered images that are complete as pieces on their own. Lately I have been working more in cyanotype which is an alternative photographic process, that creates a blue and white image on paper. 


We see and understand things differently because of technology. My latest work is informed by questions encompassing but not confined by the ways in which digital technologies alter our perception of the ambient world, genetic mutation, marine ecosystems, climate change, and outer space. I consider myself a surrealist but also perhaps my work falls under the category of science fiction.


I completed my Secondary Teaching Diploma at the University of Victoria, in Victoria BC, Canada in December 2016. I work for the Greater Victoria School District 61 as a Teacher Teaching on Call. The past school year (2018/19) I taught Visual Art 6-8, at Central Middle School, in Victoria BC. I am currently enrolled in the Masters in Art Education Program at the University of Victoria in Victoria BC, Canada.  I look forward to sharing my love of art, technique and technology with many more students young and old. 


Find out more about my days in the studio on my Facebook Artist page and Polkadotmoon Instagram feed, find them in links under Polkadot Moon Studiio Fb Artist page and Polkadotmoon Instagram. 

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