Amber MacGregor - Artist

Masters of Art Education Statement

Invisible City, Visual Journal pages, ©2020 Amber MacGregor


From July 2018 to Aug 2020 I was in the process of completing my Masters in Art Education at the University of Victoria in Victoria B.C. Canada. 


My project focus has been on the use of the creative process as a means to add a richness of understanding and insight into the general K-12 school curriculum. It is my belief that students who are exposed to the creative process as a way of researching and understanding curricular content have a greater chance of living meaningful and happy lives. 


Through these past few years I have engaged in a number of projects to better understand the creative process in a general way as well as seeking to unravel how, as an artist, I use the creative process within my own practice. 


The main projects that I have been focusing on have been:

  • A series of cyanotypes that were made in response to the poetry of my friend and writer Astrid van der Pol.
  • An ongoing visual journal (sketchbook/journal hybrid) that was made as a documentation of my research into the creative process and curiosity through the lens of art education.
  • A number of self-portraits that were made in several series to explore my personal experience of self vs creative process as well as self working through creative process.
  •  A series of soundscapes relating to the experience of teaching.

 The hopeful outcome of my research into the creative process is to be better equiped to assist my students to realize thier full potential through creative expression and understanding.


See the gallery Masters of Art Education Portfolio for a sample of the work that I have been engaged in during my masters work. See the gallery Masters of Art Education Studio to see images of studio processes. Click on the "i" in the top right above each image for more information. 

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